Managing Pregnancy and Child Birth with Hypnotherapy

Whether it is your first, or you have had previous children, pregnancy and childbirth can be a stressful time.  

The ever changing hormones, the fear of giving up your job, the worry about how you will cope with the baby, the worry about what the birth will be like can all spoil what should be a wonderful time.  In other cultures, childbirth is regarded as a natural, normal event in a woman’s life. The woman in labour is given support from other women, and children are often present to witness the event. In this way, birth is celebrated and honoured.  Young girls then grow up with the belief system that birth is a positive event and their expectations of childbirth reflect this attitude.

We have been told for generations that child birth involves hours of pain and should be approached with fear and trepidation – we feel pain because we expect to do so!  The self hypnosis for childbirth will teach you to enter self-hypnosis whenever you need to, and to keep control over your body, and to be an active participant in your child birth.

Benefits of using hypnosis for childbirth:

  • Less or no use of analgesic drugs means less risk of side effects on mother and baby.
  • An awake, energized mother.
  • A calm, peaceful birthing environment.
  • Breech and posterior babies can be turned using hypnosis.
  • Fewer interventions and complications during labour.
  • Babies tend to sleep and feed better.

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