Managing your Weight with Hypnotherapy

Change your habits to control your weight

​There are medical and clinical reasons why we become overweight, but by far the most common cause of weight gain is our attitude towards food. Most of us overeat due to emotional or habitual reasons. We eat to satisfy our minds rather than because we are physically hungry.

Many people have lost weight only to pile it back on again. Others have ‘tried every diet that exists’ with no lasting success. Then people are tempted when baking cakes for the family or attending social gatherings. Emotional eating is another hurdle for many people as is sugar addiction. And there are festive occasions leaving many people feeling unhappy and powerless over their weight.

There are numerous eating plans and “slimming clubs” which all have their place in the weight loss journey, but where so many of them fall short is that they are all about cutting calories and dieting. They don’t teach us how to change our habits, so when we have reached our target weight, we just return to our former habits, and bingo – the weight all returns.

When we understand why we over-eat, and how we can alter our thought patterns to change the way we react to situations when we could be tempted to over-eat, suddenly things become easier.

There are definite links between the behaviours of our ancestors many thousands of years ago and our eating patterns today. So much is hard-wired into the subconscious mind. The good news is that once we understand the links we can address the behaviours by adjusting the way we think.

Then there is exercise. How many new members pour into gyms in January, only to tail off in February? How often have you said ‘I must make myself go for a run,’ or ‘I’m forcing myself to do aerobics every Tuesday.’  We all know that force is the worst motivator! So we need to learn new ways of talking to ourselves about exercise.

Much of our surplus eating and food choices are habit and the good news is that habits can be permanently erased in about forty-five days. I can show you how and equip you with understanding and strategies that are simple but effective. Whether you would like to attend on your own, or join a group (or even find a group of friends to join you) why not contact me to find out more?

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